Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Spotlight on... The H.O.P.E project

As March is help the homeless [people] month here at project52, today's spotlight Q&A is with Colin from The H.O.P.E Project, in Liverpool, UK

The H.O.P.E Project [Helping Other People Exist] is a small group aimed at providing subsistence for the homeless people of Liverpool, UK.  In Colin's own words, "I set the project up ten months ago, with a flask and a sandwich" Feb 2014.

Founded in May, 2013, The H.O.P.E Project are a small group of volunteers who go out into Liverpool city centre, several nights a week between 9.30pm and 11.30pm. They go out in groups of three people and follow a regular route, to distribute hot drinks and sandwiches/snacks to those who are sleeping rough.

When was the H.O.P.E project set up and what made you want to start it? 
Set the project up 10 months ago, [May 2013] set it up because I want to make a difference in the world and show love.

As the H.O.P.E project is a not-for-profit unregistered charity group, how do you raise awareness for what you do?  
I gain awareness and donation through public media

Has the H.O.P.E project made any successful changes in the area it operates in?
We are out six nights a week , each night we have three different people out, that's eighteen people making a difference from the community. All our donations come from social media groups, this means the kind people of Merseyside are making positive changes too .We give out twenty-five sandwiches , hot drinks, chocolate, crisps, hats and gloves. We must easily make a difference to 70 different people on the streets each week. Since our project started, a group in Warrington have started the Warrington hope project, it has also traveled to Barcelona as a result of the guys over there seeing our Facebook journals. 

Homelessness is a major topic of debate in the UK today, what extra steps (that are not currently in place) do you feel should be taken to reduce homelessness in the city? 
Liverpool needs a night shelter open all year round

The H.O.P.E project does not take any cash/monetary donations and instead asks for the donations of food/clothing/goods via their Facebook page. How does the H.O.P.E project use these items? 
Everything donated gets a picture taken [of it] and put on Facebook, then it gets split up and shared for all the teams who go [out] and give it to the guys on the street.

Finally, if there was anything you would like to say to the readers of Project52, what would that be? 
Our aim is to show love to someone who needs it. I want to say to the readers that they too can make a difference by buying a cup of tea and a sandwich and passing it to a homeless person. 

Thank you to Colin and all at The H.O.P.E Project, Liverpool from myself and the readers of Project52. 

To help support or donate items to the H.O.P.E Project, visit their Facebook page,

Q&A conducted February 2014 

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