Monday, 28 April 2014

Week 18 - Animal Shelter Visit

Support an animal shelter!

This week I will be visiting Bleakholt animal shelter (see April entry of project 12 for more info) for the shelter's Spring open day and fundraiser. I was planning to donate some knitted blankets (if made in time, but sadly these were not) and cat toys for the shelters resident cats. The open day itself was held on April 27th, approximately 12 pm til 4 pm.

After getting lost on the drive, and travelling through Darwen, which is a very beautiful area, myself and my partner arrived at Bleakholt. We spent some time with the horse and ponies, stroked a barn owl and a rabbit, visited the goats, the dogs and went to see the OAP cats as you can go into their section to handle them. Sadly, a few of the OAP residents who were around last summer and at their winter open day [November] don't appear to have survived the winter, looking at their charts.  I don't have any photographs of the animals as it was too crowded to take any decent ones.   I advise anybody in the area who are looking for a pet or companion animal to get in touch with Bleakholt. They have many wonderful animals who would make a great edition to any family or single.

Some of the dogs I saw today can be seen on this page from the Bleakholt website Spike (patterdale) was especially sweet. With the cats, seen here: , Jasmine, Breeze (who is the double of my old [r.i.p] cat Sox, Sascha (who was very affectionate once you gave her a minute) and another cat, Axtlor(? not pictured) who is quite possibly the quietest cat in the world [nobody has ever heard him miaow] stick in my mind.

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