Wednesday, 18 June 2014

week 25 - getting behind petitions

Hi Everyone!

I'm ashamed to admit I let my day-to-day life interfere with Project52 and missed out on doing a week 24 post.  Tsk Tsk!

As those of you who are regular readers will know, I recently completed Live Below The Line 2014, which I think took a bigger toll on me than I first expected, as I haven't been quite myself, but I'm putting this down to not having all the fresh fruit and veg I usually go through, so I should be back up to speed again soon!

I recently joined SHINE, as a spina bifida sufferer I am hoping the charity will be able to help me, and that I will also be able to help them in October for Spina bifida awareness day. I have attended one meeting and I am hopeful that one day another member will want to guest blog on here to help share their experiences on what can be a very misunderstood or scary condition.

In the weeks leading up to this point, I completed an online course in hyperlocal community journalism, and am now embarking on another course on sustainability as I am keen to learn how Project52 can become sustainable and more beneficial for you, the reader.

As a regular petition signer, I am vocal online on what I support, and am please to announce that two petitions I had signed have had positive outcomes. These are to have the anti-homeless spikes removed from a location in London, and another to have a young lad with autism moved to a specialist team led unit in his home county, as his current one is over 10 hours travel away and as a result has missed out on family life.

If you would like to read about these two petitions or perhaps even add your own signature to them, you can read them here: please-bring-my-son-back-home-bringjoshhome-   and here: -remove-the-anti-homeless-spikes I am pleased that my voice has contributed in a positive way.

This week's 'I want to talk about...' will be about how to write a good petition or spot a well written one with a valid cause. Don't forget to drop by later this week to read all about it!

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