Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Live Below The Line 2015 - Prep Time!

It's that time again! Time to start preparing for Live Below The Line 2015! Last year I did it for The Hunger Project UK and raised over £150, you can read about how I got on right here at Project52.

This year I'm doing it for Unicef ( and fingers crossed I'll make my target of £200

I won't lie to you: It was hard! I'm used to huge plates of food and being able to graze on snacks whenever I want to, all of that goes out of the window when you have to weigh out your food and calculate the cost per portion so you know if you can have that extra cheap rich tea biscuit as an evening snack, but that rumbling tummy reminds you of just how the people who will benefit from your funds raised feel on a regular basis. Five days isn't a long time to go without the luxury of convenience foods, especially when on day six you can treat yourself to your favourite foods knowing that it's all over for the year, but for those who are living in poverty, it's a lifetime without the things that others take for granted.

So here I am, prepared to do it all again for a good cause. wish me luck!
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