Friday, 14 February 2014

Remember Valentina - Greyhound racing victim memorial

Five years ago today, a slaughtered female greyhound (that was later found to be pregnant with a litter of six puppies) was found dead, dumped in a bin bag, and her ears had been hacked off to prevent identification. Tattooing of a dog's ears with a code number is common practice amongst racing dog owners and breeders as it will prove ownership of an animal in the case of racing disputes or theft. It is common practice for ears to then be cut or hacked off (regardless of if the animal is alive, dead, concious or unconscious)  prior to disposal of the animal.

While St Valentine's day is meant to be a happy time for couples, the holiday started after all in honour of a man who went against the laws of the time to allow loving couples to have the union of marriage that they wanted.  Sadly, dog racing is a legitimate sport, and the law does not investigate what happens to the animals used in it, only those who are against such BLOOD SPORT investigate and fight against it. The killing of Valentina (as she was christened) should be against the law.

Please consider taking a moment to remember the animal victims of sport, their hearts beat for their equal partner/mate just as ours will beat for our lover(s).

for more information about Valentina, visit the link below warning: contains graphic and distressing images


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