Monday, 3 February 2014

Week 6 - write to the MP's

Here we are now at week 6 and the first full week of February!

I hope any of you who are following the blog have registered for LetterMo if they are taking part. there's still time to register for this year:   

This week I am going to contact my local MP as well as government to pledge my support for the proposed Racing Dog Protection Act (see for more information, including a letter form you may use yourself) This important proposal will help save thousands of Dogs from unnecessary death or ill treatment at the hands of breeders, owners and race track staff as well as cut down on the numbers of dogs that are bred in this country to simply 'disappear' abroad.

If you would like more information on greyhound welfare, this site is a good starting point:  those of you who are of a religious faith such as catholic, christian or protestant will remember that greyhounds are the only dog breed directly mentioned in the Bible and deserve the respect given to the names of any person mentioned within it.

Besides taking part in LetterMo, I am also donating items for auction! Several rescue groups have been using facebook groups and event pages to run their own private auctions so that 100% of the money raised goes directly to that rescue group!

The ones who are featuring items donated by myself are:

Please consider taking a look at what they have on offer and help a good cause

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