Monday, 10 February 2014

Week 7 - Surprise a friend!

For this week, I will be doing an act of goodwill instead of charity, by going through my address book, and finding all the friends who I haven't spoken to or seen in person for a long time and sending them a surprise letter instead of texting. who knows, I may end up cheering up somebody who needs it without even knowing.

Letter to local MP - week 6 follow up...

Dear David Nuttall,

My name is XXX XXX, and I am writing to you to ask for you to consider supporting the Racing Dog Protection Act, which will bring in new changes to gamboling on and the treatment of racing dogs, especially greyhound racing, of which thousands of dogs are badly treated, slaughtered inhumanly or simply 'disappear'. I won't go into detail as to how this slaughter takes place as it makes for highly uncomfortable reading, and may not be of interest to you. Many ex-racing dogs which are successfully rescued often end up under the care of local animal sanctuaries, which takes away spaces for other local lost or abandoned animal residents of Bury or placed with local foster carers. If the Racing Dog Protection Act was to be passed, it would lead to a reduction of the numbers of dogs bred for racing, and in turn, less of a strain on local animal shelter resources and also on police resources as they often have to be present at anti-racing demonstrations, such as the protest held outside the Hilton hotel, which you may recall from recent news.

In summary, if The Racing Dog Protection Act was to be passed, it would be a win all round for the dogs themselves, animal rescue groups resources, police resources and also gamboling support resources too. For more information, including an initial draft of The Racing Dog Protection Act, please visit:

Yours sincerely,


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