Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Week 15 - on the spot

This saturday, I shall be attending the LABL vegan fair in Liverpool, UK

As many of the major animal charities as well as a few smaller, not so well known ones, will be there, it is the perfect time to make on the spot donations and inquiries into what Project52 can do for them.

I am hoping that some of the new business cards for Project52 will have arrived by then, so that I can take the opportunity to help the fanbase grow and raise even more awareness for the causes documented and supported by us.

There is an updated Feed Burner account for Project52, for subscribers, which can be found here:

a new email address (in case some of you have been trying to get in touch but had problems) :

and of course, our facebook page is here:

I am also pleased to announce that Project52 can now offer 10% off for all new customers to Moo print (who are making our cards!)

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