Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Hi there!

Welcome to 'Project 52'.

I decided to start this blog late in December 2013 after thinking about all the charity campaigns aimed at those less fortunate around Christmas time. Well, that's all well and good to do something nice for Christmas time, but what about the rest of the year? And then I thought about how much some of these charities who campaign at Christmas ask for, many of them I could not afford to donate as much, so how could I do something nice that would still benefit another living being, human or animal without making myself poor in the process?

With that in mind, I decided to create 'Project 52' by way of sharing my ideas, plans and mini activities I will be setting myself to accomplish every week for the next year. Each of these will be in mind with the goal of doing something to make a the world a better place one moment at a time, starting with the world around me.

I am inviting bloggers from around the world to take part in 'Project 52' to share their own planned activities and events calendars (where applicable) so hopefully you, those who are reading this will be inspired to take part on one or more of the activities under taken.

If you would like to take part as a guest blogger, please get in touch!

I hope you enjoy the project and are inspired to do something good in your area.

Take Care,
love, Veg*n Kitten

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