Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Week 1 - Food Bank Donation

In the days leaning up to this point, I had already already made the start of January for project 52 (see January post) by having a wardrobe clear-out and by registering for free online courses in order to better my own knowledge of culture, history, the law and own educational sense of self. I chose to label entries by week number and not by date as dates seemed to rigid when the plan is 52 activities, not 52 entries, so don't be worried when there's an A or B or C to some weeks.

 I am undertaking the study of Sustainability and the environment in the hopes that it will encourage me to have more sustainable or recyclable products in my every day life and help me to do something productive for the environment. perhaps start small and ask for better paper recycling in my work place.  I will also be taking an introduction to forensic science short course (a personal topic of interest) and if there is still time in my schedule, I will also be reading Macbeth as a 3rd course option. The first of these courses starts on Jan 6th 2014, but there are new courses starting all the time so if you feel inspired you could just wait until one sparks an interest for you at any time. I am using the website Future Learn

In the mean time between today and Jan 6th 2014, for my activity of the week I will be having a kitchen cupboard clear-out and all canned goods that have not been used for a long time (like that random tin of rice pudding that is doing nothing) shall be getting gathered up and taken to one of the small food bank donation bins I have seen dotted around my area. I have found food bank donation bins in Sainsbury's Bolton, and Costa Coffee, Victoria Square, Bolton, but none nearer to home so I will take the trip and use these ones. While checking through the cupboards for items to dontate, I found a lot of tinned goods and teas that were out of date and buried at the back. I hate waste but they may not have been safe to eat (lots dated 2012) so into the dustbin they went.

Pledge not to let food go to waste again!

Food Bank Donations 

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