Monday, 13 January 2014

week 3 - reflection on the journey so far

We're now three weeks into the blog and 3 acts of charity or kindness out of 52 have now happened. i have dropped the Hamlet course due to lack of time since I am doing sustainability, society and you + Introduction to forensic science at the same time as trying to plug my much at once...phew! I am hoping to be able to conduct interviews for features on charities, groups and establishments that are related to my themes for the upcoming months... I hope you didn't all think I was just going to be constantly taking things to a charity shop all year or asking you, the readers to do the same, did you? I hope not, as eventually we'd run out of things to donate and it would only benefit two areas: The Home (yours or mine) and the shop of choice.

If any of you reading this have a connection for a charity, grass roots campaign group, protest group, shelter (human, animal) work in conservation or have any ideas of small activities that could help another living sentient being, please, PLEASE, get in touch. All ideas considered.

This week I'll also be picking up the latest issue of THE BIG ISSUE - a magazine which helps the homeless or poor gain current work experience. 

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