Wednesday, 1 January 2014

January - Make a change in your life

Besides doing 52 activities... there are 52 weeks in a year after all, I also wanted to have one special activity each month as well for readers to aim for, if any of you feel inspired to take an action that will have a huge change for the life of another living being. Each of these will be documented in the week they take place in as well, but if you like to know what's coming up...  The planned themes list for the year is:

January - Make a change in your life

  • you could - have a wardrobe clear out and donate any in good condition clothing, shoes, books etc to a charity shop. My personal favourite is the PDSA. Please consider signing up to their gift aid scheme if you are a tax payer, and also to their email system. Many charities have to contact you when they issue updates or statements of any monies made from the sale of your goods. If you switch to allowing them to contact you by email, it will help save them money and paper waste. 

  • free education - Take up an online course for free! This will help keep your mind busy and may inspire you to chase that dream or career challenge you had previously avoided. For those not in work it will make a nice booster to your CV if the course is run by an accredited college or university and keep your IT skills and networking skills sharp. My preferred site is Future Learn . There are many others in the UK, Europe and USA, so please share if you find a good one!  

  • Veganuary! - perhaps having that home de-clutter or expanding your education isn't enough? maybe you'd like to de-clutter your body and soul? Have an interest in veganism or vegetarianism? Then Veganuary is the project for you! The Veganuary challenge is where you become vegan for the month and see what positive changes it makes to your body and your life. If after the month you decide it is not for you, then there is nothing wrong with that as you will have at least tried it with an open mind. I myself have been vegan since summer 2013 so if you take up the challenge and need help with supermarket navigation or cheap and easy recipe ideas, get in touch! For more information on Veganuary, please visit: 

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